SilverDay's Projects

I am always tinkering at one project or the other. Sometimes I work on more than one at the same time. Here on this page I am listing the projects I have done and/or the ones I am currently working on or planning.

Project Name Status Description
EQ-Gildenhaus No longer available

The EQ-Gildenhaus was an EverQuest community site for german players. It was created to give players a site to collect information and to help them to administrate their guilds.

Main Features:

  • Membership system
  • Knowledgebase
  • Event calendar (public and guild-internal events)
  • Guild Membership administration with guildranks, applicationsystem, event calendar, customizable guild pages, forums

In June 2013 the EQ-Gildenhaus finally closed its doors and is no longer available to the public.

ToURL@ active ToURL@ is a ShortLink Redirection Service with an Attitude. It allows registered users to create ShortLinks using either a webGUI or an API. For better transparency it allows users to select how they are being redirected.