About SilverDay

Who am I? Well I would say that is up to you, valued visitor, to find out. I do not claim to be the most knowledgable person in the world, quite to the contrary, I am a very curious person. Learning new things and getting to know new and interesting people is what I am interested in.

In others I value respect and tolerance even if opinions or convictions differ, which of course others may expect to receive from me too. Life is much too short to spend arguing about pointless things. Let us explore this world and its possibilities together instead of trying to change each other.

I am currently working as IT Security and Data Privacy Specialist. One of my favorite topics is Security Awareness with a specific focus on developers. In my free time I enjoy working on websites and digital photography. I am also interested in virtual worlds like OpenSim and Second Life.

Projects & Links


  • ToURL@
    ToURL@ is a concept study of how I think a URL shortener should work. It gives visitors full control of the way they are redirected

    SIGMA gives you a quick overview about the SSL status for a list of sites

  • World of Begabungs
    The World of Begabungs is a virtual world based on OpenSim. It was created for the Global Center of Gifted and Talented Children

Contact Me

klingner (at)